[Release] DarkComet-RAT 3.2 FWB

[REL] DarkComet-RAT 3.2 FWB

New version of darkcomet...
3.0.1 servers can connect to 3.2 but screen capture , file manager and webcam wont work and maybe other stuff too , i really recommand to update all servers with the new one don't said i don't prevent you

DarkComet-RAT 3.2 [Fix 2]
- By DarkCoderSc -

- Remote desktop improved : It is more stable, no more random error occured when capturing a desktop even for a while or many desktop in same time.
- Webcam capture improved : It is more stable as the screen capture , no more random error occured while capturing even for a while or many cams at the same time.
- Now trace route is now compatible with chinese systems
- Now install service works with chinese systems
- Now url downloader(file) works with chinese systems
- Now Piano (Buzzer) works with chinese systems
- Small mistakes fixed
- New Filemanager transfer (Download/Upload)
- [File Manager] : Now you can delete file(s) whenever you want even if some transfer are initiated , no need to wait the end to manage them
- [File Manager] : Transfer are more stable and a bit faster
- [File Manager] : New icons added and replace for transfer status
- [File Manager] : Delete selected item(s) added in popup options
- [File Manager] : File transfer using 90% less memory during download and upload for SERVER and CLIENT
- [File Manager] : Progressbars added in the transfer listview (for Vista & Seven) Green = transfer ; Red = stopped/error ; Yellow = paused
- [File Manager] : Speed / Time length added for upload (transfer)
- [File Manager] : Design change a bit
- Batch commands are run directly in memory now no more dcsc.bat dropped when needed.
- [Remote Desktop] : Totally recoded , now it will capture only the smallest rect that change on the desktop then it use 90% less network , 95% less CPU , 95% less RAM and
60 times faster. (i recomand for vista / seven users to keep disable aero glass and wallpaper checked it will increase so much the performances)
- [Remote Desktop] : New keyboard control now it wont loose some key if you type to much.
- [Remote Desktop] : Turn off monitor added while capturing , also when you disable wallpaper at the end of the capture the old one is restored as before
- [Remote Desktop] : About resizing (beta) resizing wont work with change desk "hook" then it will use more memory and cpu also network then i recomand to use the default capture
- [WebCam] : Webcam capture recoded too , now it will use less CPU/Memory and also more stable and really faster
- [WebCam] : Now you can choose BMP colours : 1bit (black and white) , 8bit (recomanded for a good speed) , 16bit (Nice colours but a bit slower) , 32bit (Real colours but slower)
using maximum colours will not slow the computer (CPU / RAM) but only be more slow to transfer it depend of your network.
- SIN Thumnail more stable/fast
- FWB added inject to explorer 32 and 64 bit compatible if it fails it will run normally (notice in this version persistance will work only if not injected if it fail then)



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