[REL] Lost®Door J-Revolution v6

Lost®Door J-Revolution v6 Relased Dated 15/02/2011 Server Size 70 Kb
Many Updates and chnages some option removed or recoded
lost door J-R V6 is more stable no victim loses
also due to a hosting problem i finaly found a good host company
so lost door website back agian www.lost-door.com

Change Logs

PHP Code:
[+] Sin GUI changed  [+] Webcam Stream fixed [+] Open website in the defaut browser added [+] Severals Minor bugs has been fixed [+] Kelogger updated it looks more clear [+] Upload option fixed Download from a website to a desired path)
Download Run was added [-] Chnage icon removed 
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  1. hi . wished to have full version ( private edition : so that its undetectable) !
    and suggest me THE BEST bluetooth one.
    Also it would be great if you give me top list in ranking of tools under each criteria .
    Thank you