Blackshades Scanner | Scan With 30 AV | Histories | FREE!

Blackshades Scanner is exactly what it says: a multi Anti-Virus scanner which can help you determine the validity of a file. We pride ourselves on keeping the AV database up to date, so you have the best idea if your file is safe or not. The great thing about the scanner is that it is available for public download and public registration. Register with our software, and you will get 5 scans for free!

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When you login, you are greeted with the following screen which will display all of your current account information.

 main screen
[Image: scanner-main.png]


To scan a file, all that you must do is add a file, select upload, and wait for it to be sent to our server. Our server will then scan the file with the AVs and report back to you when done -- it is as simple as that.

scan screen
[Image: scanner-scan.png]


You are able to view in-depth reports, AV by AV about their detection, and even the strings in the file!

[Image: scanner-reports.png]


Of course, keeping these scans are important, so we will store your histories of your scans for you.

history screen
[Image: scanner-history.png]


Currently, we support the following AV, and are looking to get more:
+ Avira AntiVir
+ Avast
+ Authentium
+ BitDefender
+ ClamAV
+ Emsisoft
+ F-Secure
+ Fortinet
+ Ikarus (A-Squared uses same datbase!)
+ Kaspkersky
+ NOD32
+ Norman
+ Panda
+ Sunbelt
+ Syamantec
+ VBA32
+ VirusBuster

Absolutely free!
Unlike many products, we are willing to let users use this product for absolutely no cost.

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