[TUT]How To being Anonymous and Safe!

Hello everyone.

Being anonymous on the internet is important because as we all know, this is HackForums and there are lots of people who do black hat shit in here. So to help them, I am going to talk about how to be anonymous, how to protect your data, and how to remove all the evidences.


A computer.
A brain.


1. TrueCrypt. This is a really essential program if you want to store your data. This program creates a file for you, and to open that file, you type a long password. This folder cannot be opened by any other people that doesn't know the password.

To download TrueCrypt, click the link below:


For those who are having difficulties using it, watch this video:


2. Deep Freeze. This is a program that deletes everything after you restart your computer. I would definitely recommend you to download it.

To download Deep Freeze, click the link below:


For those who are having difficulties using it, watch this video:


3. TMAC. This is a program that protects your unique MAC address. MAC addresses are unique identifiers that can lead the cops onto you if you have done something wrong. TMAC is a beast when it comes to protection, so I really recommend this.

To download TMAC, click the link below:



Okay now these programs were about keeping your computer safe. Let's move on to internert anonymity.

1. Socks5/Proxies. I don't recommend you to find these from the internet for free, the free ones are so fucking slow and really annoys me when they don't work. I highly recommend http://www.vip72.org if you are going to do something illegal. Their service is fast, cheap and stable.

You can buy Socks5/Proxies from the address below:


You can find free Socks5/Proxies by clicking the links below:


You can check your Socks5/Proxies from the website below:


2. VPN. You should find yourself a VPN that doesn't store any logs. We don't want the authorities to get access to the websites you visit right? In my opinion, you should pay for a VPN. That's upto you of course.

You can use some of the VPN's below:

http://www.secretsline.biz - You can use DoubleVPN with this.

3. RDPs. These are the addresses that you use to surf. For example, if you watch child porn using a RDP, and if anything happens, the real person who owns the RDP gets caught. There is RDP sellers online, you must find them. I don't know if they sell it on HF, but there are lots of sellers on forums that are carding related.

4. Public Wirelesses. You should use them if you are going to attempt something illegal. Or just learn how to crack wirelesses and use your neighbors wireless. That works too.

So that's all about protection. Now I will tell you how you can use these.

First of all, format your computer. Download your drives and after you have downloaded them, download the programs below:

Deep Freeze

After you format your computer, install the programs above. DO NOT GO ON HACK FORUMS YET. Set Deep Freeze, and then restart your computer. It will delete everything after you set Deep Freeze. Now start browsing freely, everything will be lost after you restart your computer anyways.

Store every single important information in your USB stick, if something happens and cops break your door, you should be able to get rid of all the evidence. If anything like that happens, just restart your computer and microwave your USB stick.

If you are going to do something blackhat, make sure that the computer you use doesn't carry any of your personal information.

Well, that's all I can tell about security and anonymity. Don't forget, you shouldn't do anything that is associated with your identity. You have a life to live, don't just waste it by getting caught. Make the cops job harder.

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