[Delphi] Collection of Source Codes [MEGA PACK]

Hello Open Hackers
I've decided to share my pack with Delphi source. It contains many great source codes and examples.

Note: These source codes are coded in Delphi, so you will need Delphi.

Download link (for Delphi):

This pack contains the following source codes:
Delphi Binder
Icon Changer
Remote Desktop
Reverse Connection Example
Turkojan Crypter
Spy-NET v2.7 Beta 02
Epeius Crypter 2.3
FTP Logger
SS-RAT (older)
SS-RAT (Newest)
Advanced Alart Clock
Epeius Crypter 2.5
OP Crypter
Delphos Crypter v3
Firefox 3 & MSN & IE7 Passwords
Compare Files
Memory Execute Generator
File Cloner
Tech Binder + USG
Crestra Binder Private
Underground Crypter
Open&Close CD Drives
Binder - Open Source
PI Crypter
Multi MD5 Online Hash
bmp to gif
Log's Finder
Professional Keylogger
Computer Information
File Joiner
HH Undetector
Examble Binder
Ex Crypter

Download link (for Source Codes):

Password (included into the archive as well):

Please reply to keep this topic alive. Don't run if there are any .exe files.

Credit:  flAmingw0rm


  1. Hi
    could you please reupload it to RS or Mediafire
    and thx for shareing

  2. Hi there, any chance you could upload this again somewhere. Would really be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Please reupload!!! Pleaseee....